Wattenstaafje in oor

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Maak jij je oren schoon met een wattenstaafje?

, heerlijk geurende kleding. En het kostje (nauwelijks) niets! Is dat even leuk. Oh nee, ik ben mijn lippenseel vergeten!, jammerder Martine toen ze net haar occ liptar wilde aanbrengen. Gelukkig heb ik altijd wattenstaafjes in huis. Naast nasty dingen als puisjes uitknijpen en je oren schoonmaken (alleen de buitenkant!) kun je wattenstaafjes ook voor andere doeleinden gebruiken. Heeft onze martien dat niet weer prachtig gedaan? En dat met een wattenstaafje!

Voor zo ver nog weinig bijzonders. Maar nu komt ontlasting het: droog cuniculi je bril af met een hele fijne microvezeldoek zoals hierboven! Deze kocht ik bij de Action voor 0,49. Door de structuur van de stof kun je je glazen streep- en vlekloos oppoetsen. De wereld was nog nooit zo helder! Je kunt hem ook gebruiken om je glazen even snel droog op te poetsen. De doek is groot dus je zou hem ook in kleine lapjes kunnen knippen en een stukje meenemen in je tas! Wat doe ik met zeepjes en bruisballen, weten jullie het nog? Inderdaad, ik berg ze op in mijn lingeriela! Maar om eerlijk te zijn, ziet die la bomvol. En wat moet je dan met die overload aan zeepjes?

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Fashion, soms heb je van die tips waarvan je denkt, die moet iedereen gewoon weten! Maar ja, om er nu een heel artikel van te maken Dus dacht ik: waarom voeg ik ze niet gewoon samen? En zie hier, een artikeltje met drie random tips die ik gewoon even met je wilde delen! En ze zijn alle drie nog budgetproof ook! Voor alle (nep)brildragers hier: ook zon last van wazige vegen die alleen maar erger worden wanneer je ze weg probeert te vegen? Dan heb ik dé tip voor je! Spoel je bril af met wat water en een heel klein beetje afwasmiddel.

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Of course, there will be a mark up to cover the cost of delivering the water - nothing wrong with making a little profit. Be gone, dirty water, one night you again sit down to a dinner of fresh-caught catfish - don't forget to wash your hands in the water bucket after cleaning those stinky fish! And those dirty dishes, just wash them in the bucket, too. Then get rid of that smelly bucket of water - just throw it out in the yard. But your neighbor complains about having to smell rotten fish all night, and you complain to him about the water they wash their dirty clothes in finding its way to your front step. And then there's that hole your neighbor dug for his toilet - well, use your imagination. It seems that there is something more to life than just getting and using water - you need to get rid of your wastewater. You need to build a "water-return system commonly known as a sewer network. Again, lay a network of pipes from your homes back downhill.

Dryville's First Water Works. Now everyone is enjoying running water chocolade in their homes. But it took a lot of work to build your water-supply plant horace's Water Works. Being mayor, you decide that the town of Dryville will be the owner of the new Dryville water Plant and you'll charge everyone to get water delivered to their houses. Since the water Plant is owned by Dryville, it has to respond to the needs of its citizens - such. Milford, who overcooked his possum stew and started a fire in his kitchen. "Where was the Dryville fire department when I needed them!" he complains to the mayor.

Very well, you add some fire hydrants to the water-supply pipes and now you are the fire Chief as well as mayor. Soon you start getting money from the citizens buying water from you - and that gives you an idea. You're going to write an acquaintance back home and tell him he needs to build another town down the road from Dryville. Then when your friend gets his town started, Dryville will offer to sell them water that you get from your public-supply system! You can build an aqueduct system to move water from Dryville to them.

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The pipes go right to your faucet and you use gravity (it's free!) to get the water delivered. Works great - just like it did in the big city you came from. But you still have the problem of keeping the storage tank full. Lugging water up to it is no better than lugging it up to your house; so you need to find a way to pump the water from the creek uphill into the storage tank. Since Dryville doesn't have any industry to produce products to sell to the outside world to bring in money to buy things with yet, you need to build your own pump.

And you can't use electricity since you haven't built a power plant yet (but you will). Can you think of a source of energy that can run your pump? A windmill could do the job, but in the desert there isn't always wind. The water in your creek is flowing nicely - so you build a paddle wheel in the river. The paddle spins in the creek's current and turns a rod that runs your homemade pump. You've got water being pumped uphill into your storage tank where gravity lets it flow to your homes.

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Great view, but pijn it sure is a pain lugging pails of water (at over 8 pounds a gallon, your 100 gallons of water per day gets heavy in a hurry!) from the creek up the hill all day long. And now all your best buddies and neighbors are beginning to move. Many of them are building on hills, too, boek so what you need now is a "water-supply distribution system" to get water to everyone's homes. The way to do this is to lay a system of pipes (which you make from clay from the creek bed) from the creek to each house. The problem is, the houses are higher than the creek, and water does not flow uphill. Water does flow downhill, so you build a big water storage tank on a hill (hopefully at the highest point in town) and establish a water brigade to fill it full of water. You can run pipes from the storage tank down to everyone's home.

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So, your first priority will be to find a source of water. The obvious source is the creek or pond nearby. Maybe you can hire a beaver to create a dam in the creek and create a lake (actually, a reservoir ). In your free time go ahead and start digging a hole in the ground for a well. If you dig deep enough you might hit the water table, where there will be standing water. You'll be able to lower a bucket down to get the available ground water. Things are starting out great - you've already started using surface water (the creek and pond ground water (your well and you've even created your own water-storage system (the reservoir). So you now have a reliable prijzen source for your water needs. Getting Water to your Homes, since you appointed yourself mayor Horace of Dryville, you naturally chose the best spot for your home - on top of the hill.

Well, you can't begin your new town without considering water. From the smallest town to the biggest city, there always has to be a water plan. You need to be able to get water, use it, and dispose of lunch what you don't want. So let's say you made the big move. You and some friends have found your (desolate) spot and have moved. How would you develop your "Water Plan for Dryville?". The beginnings of Dryville, from the founding day of Dryville, you need water. Drinking water is your first priority, as well as water to bathe in, clean dishes and clothes, and to wash your hands after you've cleaned that possum you caught for supper. And, of course, a toilet will come in very, very handy.

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Water-science storytime: your water plan for Dryville. The usgs water Science School, teachers: This story is available as a class play! A teacher in Wisconsin adapted the story below into a script for her class to use in a play about how water is critical to the development of a new town. You can download the ms word version of the script to put on your own play. The script was written for late elementary-school ages. Have you ever had the desire to strike out on your own? Maybe you've had enough of big-city life and want to build you own town way out in the unspoiled and unpopulated countryside? You might name it Dryville, since the only part of the country that is still so desolate vrouw is probably the desert!

Wattenstaafje in oor
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